Challenges for smaller service providers

Smaller service providers do not have the scale or luxury of dedicated customer success managers that provide onboarding experiences that help retain customers.

Customer retention is directly proportional to the quality of your account managers, and when they go, so do your customers.

The Jumpstart Advantage

How we help smaller service providers

Join the growing network of smaller service providers using our white-labelled Jumpstart Core platform.

Guided Onboarding Workflows

From in-take questionnaires to upsell opportunities, create a unique user journey for your customers.


Have granular control over the content, look and feel of the platform to closely match your brand and service values.

On-hand Expertise

Our team of customer experience (CX) experts help you expand and improve your servie offering.

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We offer the ultimate transparency through our straightforward pay per organisation framework and go out of our way to share our deep industry knowledge and experience with our clients. This way, you'll quickly diversify your offerings and deliver high-value solutions to clients. As your trusted partner, we'll also support you through pre-sales, sales, and assessments.


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