Cyber security challenges for Managed Service Providers

Small managed service providers (MSPs) don't have the resources, talent, and tools to ensure a robust cybersecurity infrastructure like their established counterparts.

MSPs are equally at risk, and need the same, if not higher, level of protection to ward off threat actors.

Like most businesses at this level, MSPs also continuously need to innovate in order to expand their revenue generation streams, and thus are and always seek new ways to bring in more income

The Jumpstart Advantage

How we help Managed Service Providers

Join the growing network of MSPs using the white-labelled Jumpstart Security platform.

Provide Cyber Security Expertise

Be your clients' adequate outsourced security expert and help retain the insights you provide to your clients as needed

Embed Securtiy in Your Offering

Ensure rapid deployment of an effective cybersecurity solution with the required maturity level that complements your existing IT services.

Fine-tune and Ready to Scale

Lower overall ownership costs and support high scalability and multi-tenancy through a hosted platform that scales as you bring on more customers.

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We offer the ultimate transparency through our straightforward pay per organisation framework and go out of our way to share our deep industry knowledge and experience with our clients. This way, you'll quickly diversify your security and compliance offerings and deliver high-value solutions to clients. As your trusted cybersecurity partner, we'll also support you through pre-sales, sales, and assessments.


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